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At Building Legends we believe in delivering the best customer experience possible. We understand that our clients don’t always have the time to deal with certain tasks related to a project therefore we go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction by taking care of all the necessary arrangements like shipping, customs, storage, delivery, setup and installation. We are not satisfied until you are.


During the consultation phase we will learn about your needs, requirements and target audience. We will assess the project size and location which may require an onsite visit. Once the location has been examined, we will provide details of the process and keep you informed of all necessary approvals required in order to move forward.

Design Phase

Once we have a detailed picture of your project, we will use our 3D design tools to create a model of what the space will look like. In order to scope the project, we will create and evolve the model with your collaboration. The final version of the model will be displayed for your review and approval.

Manufacturing and Production

The designed model has taken off and we are in process of building the finest products for you facility. All designs are prefabricated using the highest quality of material. All stages of production are inspected and approved by our experienced engineers/manufacturers. We will provide you with weekly updates right until the launch phase.

Delivery and Installation

How exciting! We are here to install the manufactured product and you finally get to see it live. We ensure installation is on point with zero defects. A walk-through is completed upon installation and a manual is provided for instruction on how to maintain the service of your state of the art equipment.


To launch things off with a bang, we will include a social media blitz and mobile sound crew to create some buzz at the grand opening of your spectacular new facility and ensure a smooth transition.

Maintenance and Service

We take great pride in what we design, manufacture, build and sell. One of our core principles is based on delivering a truly exceptional customer service experience and providing continuing support and assistance to our customers even after the completion of a project or sale. Whether it’s a technical issue or just a general inquiry our team of professionals are always ready to assist and at your service.

Upcoming Events

Our Brands


NINJA WARZ is a competition like no other, consisting of several gruelling and challenging obstacles that will make even the fittest person question their abilities. We want to engage in a sport that competitors can benefit from mentally, physically and financially. The competition is set to be extremely fun, yet challenging at the same time. This sport allows anybody to come in without any prior training background to make a name for themselves.


RG4L is a company that provides expertise in multimedia solutions for businesses worldwide, including branding and marketing, website development, social media handling, animations, graphic and logo design, high quality 2D/3D renderings, and event promotion. Our vision is to provide quality services that exceed the expectations of our esteemed customers. Our mission is to build long term relationships with our customers by pursuing business through innovation and technology. The "G" is a reflection of everything that is Great, Grand, Genuine, Glorious and Good. We are REAL G 4 LIFE !


The world is becoming more hostile and unstable as every year passes.Rising threat levels need to be dealt with, and MegaStructure is a Design-Build firm that specializes in the planning, designing, engineering and construction of fortified homes, survival shelters, homes with underground bunkers and energy efficient structures. These facilities are designed for sustainability with independent sources of power, water, oxygen and incorporate numerous defensive and offensive capabilities.


Our mission is to revolutionize the industry by building high quality innovative products that are designed with passion and built with a purpose. NINJA GEARZ offers an impressive range of high quality and durable equipment to meet all your active entertainment needs. Whether big or small, you will benefit from our team's industry experience in designing, fabricating, and installing a product line that is challenging, rewarding and fun.


The Future of Fitness and Fun is here! Ninja Starz is an up and coming franchise opportunity that brings family fun and fitness enthusiasts together under one roof. We have set ourselves apart within this growing industry by bringing the most innovative and challenging obstacles to the Ninja market. Our facilities will have a combination of Ninja, parkour and rock climbing obstacles. The goal is to have fun and get fit at the same time

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